Macros Development

Office process simplication and automation with MS Office macros and IBM EHLLAPI and Host-On-Demand macros

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Visitor Management System

Manage commercial and residential buildings visitors with quick to deploy web forms and ease of use QR codes

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Software Customisation

Consultation and development of customised applications to enhance workflow productivity and increase sales revenue

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Macro Development. Simplifying Process.

More than 10 years of macro development, mainly in the financial industry, we have gained good knowledge of various financial institute processes. Financial institutes often encounter limited internal IT resources and hence we are tasked to automate end users mundane process suchs as data entry, data crunching and data analysis. We have the experiences to develop scripts and macro on multiple softwares.

  • MS Office Macros
  • Qlikview Scripting
  • IBM EHLLAPI Macros
  • Host-On-Demand Language Macros
Macro Development

Visitors Management System Green and Efficient.

Fast to learn and easy to implement Visitors Management System for both commercial and residential buildings. For commercial buildings, the key features are the capability of creating questionaires such as health and travel declaration, online and generate relevant QR codes. These QR codes can be scanned by visitors to answer the relevant questions and entry details will be recorded. These information will be useful for contact tracing.

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Software Customisation. One Size Doesn't Fit All.

Every company has it's own needs and requirements, every company has it's own processes and every company has it's own policies. With more than 10 years in the IT industry, we are proficient at creating and developing customised solutions for our customers. We specialise in developing Microsoft base web applications and APIs. The following are some systems we had built:

  • Container Tracking System
  • Sales Order Management System
  • Purchase Order Management System
Software Customisation